On the Pulse

CMS On the Pulse episode #1: A legal roadmap for cannabis law and regulation

April 23, 2020

Nick Beckett discusses with Laura Opilio (CMS Italy), Ellen Gielen (CMS Netherlands) and Shuna Mason (CMS UK) how the medicinal cannabis industry is developing across Europe, the challenges it faces and what the future might hold.  In particular, we discuss in this episode:

  • potentially the largest cannabis market on the planet;
  • how Moore’s law seems to apply to the legal opening up by authorities in Europe;
  • why there is yet to be significant use in practice;
  • what studies are needed to provide the hard scientific evidence healthcare professionals and authorities need to be comfortable with the efficacy and safety of medicinal cannabis;
  • whether recreational use in coffee shops may be diverted for medical use;
  • whether food supplements, cosmetics, drinks or even cigarettes could be an alternative means for patients to receive cannabis for medical purposes.