On the Pulse

CMS On the Pulse episode #7: Telemedicine law, regulations and developments

December 21, 2020

Nick Beckett discusses telemedicine with Maria González Gordon (CMS Spain), Reemt Matthiesen (CMS Germany) and Valentina Parvu (CMS Romania).  In this episode, we discuss:

  • the significant growth and market opportunities that telemedicine and digital health apps present
  • how barriers to the take-up of telemedicine have been broken down during COVID-19
  • exceptional permitted uses of telemedicine in cases of emergency such as pandemics
  • fragmented regulation of telemedicine and digital health apps in different jurisdictions, with the advent of specific regulation in some jurisdictions
  • restrictions on the advertising of telemedicine and remote treatments
  • how patient data is protected and confidentiality preserved in use in telemedicine