On the Pulse

CMS On the Pulse episode #9: A focus on compulsory licensing for pharmaceutical companies

June 4, 2021

Nick Beckett talks with Jonathan Chu (CMS Hong Kong), Sheena Jacob (CMS Singapore) and Thomas Hirse (CMS Germany).

In this episode, we discuss:  

  • the rationale for compulsory licences and the requirements for granting the same
  • the rights of patent owners faced with the threat of compulsory licences 
  • any requirement for patent owners to also provide know-how and technical support under a compulsory licence
  • limitations on exploitation under compulsory licences, including labelling requirements and distribution channel restrictions
  • the use of compulsory licences to deal with the supply of medical necessities during COVID-19
  • the debate regarding the need for COVID-19 vaccine patent waivers